To blog αυτό δημιουργήθκε σε άσχετο χρόνο και συγκέντρωσε εμπειρίες του γράφοντος από διάφορα στάδια της εκπαιδευτικής και εργασιακής του σταδιοδρομίας. Οι πληροφορίες προέρχονται από διάφορες ξενοδοχειακές, εστιατοριακές και ιντερνετικές πηγές και σκοπό έχουν να στείλουν μηνύματα, να προβληματίσουν ή να ενημερώνουν τους αναγνώστες.

Ξενοδοχειακό marketing (5)
- DMOs
- Re-intermadiation
- Dis-intermadiation
- Counter-madiation
- Conflicts
The new tourist:
Increase of individual trips
More and shorter trips
Dynamic packaging and personalization
Late bookings
More information, higher expectations
Less loyal, more mobile, price sensitive
B2B : extranets between hospitality and tour operators
B2C : consumers purchase tickets and packages
C2C : Consumers exchange views and experiences (trip,
Direct – personalizes – access to potential customers (internet, TV, mobile
Cut marketing and sales & improve presentation
Optimize supply and demand
Expand operations (geographically and in scope)
Threats for hotels
Loss of control in room allotment and pricing
Loss of control in distribution cost
Problems in system integration
Increased price competition
Threats for agents
Decreased commissions
Decreased prices (less revenue)
Changing tourist
Information through the internet
Loyalty programs by DMOs
Disintermediation & Re-intermediation
Questions in an internet world : Hotel and Agents:
Do they know the internet tourist and his needs?
Do they offer him added value?
Do they cooperate with other members who offer complementary products?
Actions for hotels
Go for the world (presentation (24X7)
Differentiate (niche market)
Add value (offers, dynamic packaging and on line services)
Advertise, Advertise, Advertise
Actions for Agents
Decrease costs
Invest in the internet (ads, services)
Specialise and personalize (type of customer, location, type of vacation)
Create new products (dynamic packaging)
Process enhancement
Information at fingers
No time preasure
More Burgain opportunities
1to1 marketing
Talor made site to customers’s needs
Sizeable advertising budgets
Creative advertizing both in and out of the internet
Partner, not seller
Affiliate programmes
Loyalty schemes
Relevant text
Good navigation
Easy to use search facilities
Good design
Understand your customer and the services you offer
Conduct consumer research
Market / consumer segmentation
Geographic (where to go)
Demographic (who I am)
Lifestyle (what I expect from the trip)
Reason for traveling
Advertising Advertising Advertising
The future
Consumer individualization
Travel agencies under preasure : Presence, variety, consulting
Hotels : find where the customers comes from (or who you want) and how much it cost you.
DMOs are the growing players
· Parts of the product become disital
· New products created, custome creates its own product
· Bunding (DMO)
· Content content content
· Navigation
· Service + bundling
· Interaction
· Personalization
· Image building
· Trust (price level, transactions)
· transparency increases
· commoditization increases
· Downward pressure of pricing
· New approaches
· Auctions
· Aggregate buing (
· Dynamic pricing
· Name your price model (
· Straight sell (old approach)
· Disintermadiation
· Re-intermediation (electronic agents)
· Counter-mediation (agents going on line)
· Conflicts
· DMOs
· New POSs
e-physical environment
Overall Marketing Strategy
Website re-design
eCRM (loyalty, retention)
Strategic linking
E-mail marketing
SEO (search engine optimation)
Social marketing
De-commoditization = unique value proposition
Direct internet distribution proposition

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