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Σερβίς κρασιών - Wine Service (15)

Wine Service We will not be offering wine at the until we have a liquor license. The following will be protocol when that time comes. When ordering a bottle of wine, ring it up as usual on the register. The
POS will print you a chit that you will take to the manager, who, in turn, will issue the bottle.

  • Present the bottle to the host.
  1. Host accepts
  2. Host rejects (wrong wine, wrong vintage, changed mind)
  3. Place glassware around the table at the position 4 o'clock from the water glass. Using your Screwpull wine opener cut the capsule and put it in your pocket. Remove the cork and present to the host.
  4. Pour about one ounce for the host to sample.
  5. Host accepts
  6. Host rejects (based on color, smell, clarity, taste)
  7. If this happens, GET A MANAGER immediately.
  8. Pour wine around the table. About 4 1/2 ounces per glass.
  9. Women first, then hostess, then men, then host.
  10. Place remainder of bottle in an iced wine cooler.
  • Red Wine
  1. Bring it and open as soon as possible after the order, so it can breathe.
  2. Do not cool, unless requested.
  3. Second Bottle - Same Wine
  4. Give the host or hostess the option of re-sampling.
  5. Give the host or hostess the option of fresh glassware for everyone.
  6. Second Bottle - Different Wine
  7. Automatically present fresh glassware.
  8. Two Wines simultaneously
  9. Host or hostess gets two glasses.
  10. Host or hostess samples both wines before pouring to the rest of the party.
  11. All members of party must be given a choice of either.

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