To blog αυτό δημιουργήθκε σε άσχετο χρόνο και συγκέντρωσε εμπειρίες του γράφοντος από διάφορα στάδια της εκπαιδευτικής και εργασιακής του σταδιοδρομίας. Οι πληροφορίες προέρχονται από διάφορες ξενοδοχειακές, εστιατοριακές και ιντερνετικές πηγές και σκοπό έχουν να στείλουν μηνύματα, να προβληματίσουν ή να ενημερώνουν τους αναγνώστες.

Τύποι πελατών - Many Different Types Of Guests (6)

To make appropriate selling suggestions, and give good service, it is helpful to recognize and know how to handle all types of guests. For example

  • The Timid Guest

Genuine interest and patient understanding will put this type of guest at ease. Even a comment on the weather can make him feel at home.

  • The Aggressive Guest

This type must be handled in a courteous and businesslike manner. Kindness and politeness can often change him into a steady and appreciative customer. 

  • The Fussy Guest: 
This is one of the hardest guests to please. Try to stay one step ahead of him by learning the things that irritate him. Be sure to have everything just right, before serving the fussy guest. Remember all of the little things the fussy guest especially likes, even when they may seem peculiar to the average person.

  • The Over-Familiar Guest
Be courteous, dignified, and avoid long conversations. Stay away from the table,except when actual service is needed. Nevertry to give a wise crack answer to a smart remark. You will only cheapen yourself and lower yourself to the same level as the rudeness of the guest.

  • The Guest who is Alone

Don't call attention by asking if he is alone. Seat him where he can see what is going on. The guest may be lonely and want someone to talk to. Be friendly, but don't neglect other guests. With nobody to talk to, time seems long, so serve as quickly as possible. This could be your most critical guest.

  • The Noisy Trouble-maker

Don't be drawn into arguments. Speak softly. Don't antagonize. Refuse to participate in criticism of management, the establishment, or other personnel.

  • The Blind Guest

Seat blind people with a dog so that the dogwill not be noticed. Never hover over blind customers. Always stand near enough to help if needed. Always make a blind customer feel appreciated and important.

  • Guest with hand or arm injuries/disability
Seat as quickly as possible. Be helpful, ask if you may assist them, but do not be too eager. Be considerate; do not call attention by hovering. Seat wheelchair guests at a table on ground level do not block an aisle. Always make a disabled guest feel important and accommodated.

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